Kana Girl’s Main Menu

Traditional Hawai’ian PLATE LUNCHES

served with sticky rice & your choice of mac salad or pineapple coleslaw

Keoni's teriyaki chicken on a rice bowl

Keoni’s teriyaki chicken on a rice bowl

Teriyaki Chicken—Boneless, skinless chicken thighs, marinated in Keoni’s teriyaki, barbecued on the smoker, and served on a bed of fresh cabbage. $8.50

Teriyaki Beef—Thin slices of ribeye steak soaked in sweet teriyaki and slow-cooked on the smoker. $9.5

Kalua Pig & Cabbage—Traditional pork slow-cooked for 14 hours until it falls apart, served with steamed cabbage. $8.50

Mix Plate—A three-meat combination of favorites: teriyaki chicken, teriyaki beef, and kalua pig. $10.95

Chicken Katsu—Boneless, skinless chicken breast coated with Panko (Japanese bread crumbs) and fried to a golden brown. $8.50

Mafa Chicken—Chicken tenders marinated in a mixture of shoyu and fermented tofu, then battered and fried. $8.50

Mochiko Chicken—Boneless chicken tenders soaked in a mochiko mix (sweet rice flour) and fried golden brown. $8.50

Tonkatsu—Pork cutlet breaded with Panko and deep fried. $8.50

Char Siu Pork—Smoked sliced pork with sweet char siu sauce. $8.50

Kalbi Ribs—Korean style flanken-cut barbecue ribs. $9.50

Hawaiian Lau Lau

Kana Girl’s Lau Lau

Mahi Mahi—Panko-breaded fish fried to a golden brown. $9.50

Yakisoba—Stirfry noodles cooked with a mix of vegetables and char siu pork (or tofu—your choice) and sweetened with hoisin plum sauce. $8.50

Teriyaki Tofu—Firm tofu sautéed in Keoni’s teriyaki sauce and served on a bed of stir-fried vegetables. $8.50

Huli Huli Chicken—A leg quarter with skin on to seal in the juices while it slow cooks on the smoker, served with sweet huli huli sauce. $8.50

Lau Lau—Pork wrapped in lu’au (taro) leaves and steamed to a state of onolisciousness! $10.95 (We make lau lau on Wednesdays & Fridays–but you can ask on other days, because we might still have some)

KEIKI (Kids’) menu $5.00

keiki menu

Sharing a Shaka

Chicken Strips (katsu chicken served with rice)

Stirfry Noodles (yakisoba noodles with veggies & sweet hoisin)

Fried Rice (vegetables & pork with island-flavored rice)

Pork Mini-Sandwich (kalua pig on a keiki-sized Hawai’ian sweet roll, served with potato fries)

Kalua Pork (served with rice, and with or without steamed cabbage)

Spam & Eggs (Eggs any style with Spam and rice)

Sausage & Eggs (Eggs any style with Portuguese Sausage and rice)

SANDWICHES—with Kana Girl’s Taro Fries

Pulled Pork—Our slow-cooked kalua pig on a sesame bun. $8.50

Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich—BBQ chicken on a sesame bun. $8.50

Teriyaki Beef Sandwich—BBQ skirt steak on a sesame bun. $9.50

BREAKFAST (any time of day)


Yes, Spam. A Local favorite!

Loco Moco—Two scoops rice topped with a quarter-pound ground beef patty, sautéed sweet onions, brown gravy, and two eggs on top. $8.50

Lono’s Loco Moco—Fo’ da Hungry Hawai’ian! Four scoops rice, two quarter-pound ground beef patties, sautéed sweet onions, brown gravy, four eggs, and Portuguese sausage on top! $12.95

Spam & Eggs—Fried slices of Spam with three eggs, served with rice and mac salad. (Yes, you can get this at McDonald’s in Hawai’i!) $8.50

Portuguese Sausage & Eggs—The “paniolo” (cowboy) breakfast: Placido’s Linguica and eggs over rice, served with mac salad. $8.50


Spam musubi

Spam musubi

Spam Musubi—Two blocks of seasoned sushi rice topped with fried Spam and wrapped with Nori. $4.50

Saimin—”Hawai’ian chicken soup,” a hearty broth with vegetables, char siu pork, and flavorful noodles simmered to perfection. Kamaboko included on request. $5.75

Manapua—Steamed buns with a sweet char siu pork filling.  (We make manapua on Tuesdays & Thursdays–but you can ask on other days, because we might still have some) $4.50

Kana Girl’s Taro Fries®–Fries hand-cut from taro root (the Hawai’ian staple also used to make poi). $3.50

Fried Rice—A savory mixture of vegetables, char siu pork, and spices. $5.00

Pani Popo—a sweet-dough roll baked with a coconut-pudding foundation $3.50

Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl—Two scoops rice with sauteed vegetables and slow-cooked teriyaki chicken. $6.25

* Ahi Poké—Raw (sashimi style) yellowfin tuna marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil, chili pepper, green onions, and ogo seaweed. $5.75/quarter-pound


* Raw Food Reminder Regarding Ahi Poké: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness. 


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